Saturday, March 22, 2008

Unorthodox Guitar Playing

This post has nothing to do with the faith, but being a musician, I had to post it for all to enjoy. I stumbled across this on YouTube and thought that everyone would appreciate some really good and unconventional guitar playing. As you can tell by my picture on the right, I favor the guitar - it is how I misspent my youth - trying to become a rock star. Once I lost the hair, then the whole rock star image and dream disappeared too! Hope you enjoy this little piece:


s-p said...

Very cool. And yeah, its probably a good thing I never learned to play well, I'd probably be dead in hell by now. I only have to deal with jealousy instead of all the rock n'roll sins. :)

Nicodemus said...

No doubt - it isn't exactly a wholesome lifestyle. But hey, God found you anyway, right?

It is just a fun hobby now. I have even tried putting some guitar parts to some of the Orthodox hymns - sounds sort of neat putting a guitar part to Tone 2 - has a 'gypsy' kind of flavor to it.