Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama Is Not The Antichrist...But Maybe Something Worse.

I have never been one for making "political" commentary, and I'll admit I haven't deeply explored the issues, but watching from the sideline, I am seeing some connections between our new president, and our old prophecies. Seems like people have been looking for the Antichrist for years, and each generation has never been disappointed to find one, even several! Maybe we have moved past that now to something even more ominous - the beast.

Each generation has always thought they were it, that they would be the ones to see the end of the world, and each has been mistaken. Eventually, it will happen. The current image our new president has around the globe seems irrationally glowing. The whole world seems to be following after him. I read somewhere that 44 sheep were sacrificed in his honor. Perhaps I do not know enough about world history, but I have never heard of a political leader who has had the entire globe fawning over him. Hitler could certainly be considered an Antichrist, but he by no means had the world's favor. Considering the messianic aura that was imposed on Obama prior to the election coupled with the current fervor, one has to wonder about the biblical implications of this one man's status.

We are informed in the Bible that we can be assured the Second and Glorious coming of our Lord has not happened yet because the man of lawlessness has not been revealed. Now, a charismatic, charming man appears on the world's political stage and is heralded as the "first truly global President" by mainstream media outlets, and whose moral convictions include live birth abortions. That in and of itself impresses me as a lawless man. The list of his lawless convictions is much bigger than this, and it all basically undermines each of the Ten Commandments.

I have heard of Christians who voted for him for economic reasons. They believe he will save the economy. If economics is the most important thing, then our focus is in the wrong place. We cannot serve both God and money. Incidentally, there is only one other reference that I know of in the Bible regarding the number 666, and it is regarding Solomon's gold. If the mark of the beast has to do with our love of gold instead of our love of God, then maybe this is the time when the man of lawlessness has been revealed. Just maybe.


s-p said...

Wellll....the Al Quida guy doesn't seem to be enamored with him, he called him a "n....". I don't know how you say that in Arabic, but they think he's a white man's pawn. Would that disqualify him? :)

Grace said...

I've been thinking this over since I read it. It's a lot to take in, but I can't beat the feeling that it's very important right now for Christians (and non-Christians of conscience) to be very aware that big changes are being made. And a number of them will be disastrous both the Church and our culture.

I think it was very relevant that I happened to read today in Fr. Alexander Schmemann's journals: "Why don't people see the obvious, frightening evil of socialism? Because socialism is the goodness of the anti-christ and the devil himself preaches it and attracts to it."

And he wrote that in 1982! Goodness only knows what he would think if he were alive today. (Socialism is only one part of the devolution that the left has in mind, but without it, they can't fund their other programs.)

Nicodemus said...

s-p, your point is well taken - I guess not everyone is exactly fawning over him. But, before I actually check him off of our list as "the one", Al Quida is on the political fringe - just a bunch of wild guys who, in some of the conspiracy crowds, are considered pawns of the world system as well. But, that is a whole other blog right there (probably one I will leave to others to write). Also, because they have their own world domination agenda, they of course do not like the competition provided by our charming, glowing socialist president.

And that brings me to Grace's point. If Fr. Schmemann considered socialism as a growing evil, it may be possible it has produced its ripest fruit in the election of Obama. Once the world has taken a bite out of it, they may suddenly have their eyes opened to realize they have eaten from the wrong tree and will want to hide in shame. And, to their dismay, they will see that there just aren't enough fig leaves to go around.:)